Shareholder Information

Columbus A/S’s shares have been listed on NASDAQ Copenhagen since May 1998 and have ID code DK0010268366 and abbreviated name COLUM. Columbus A/S is included in the Mid Cap index.

At the end of 2018, the price of the Columbus A/S share was DKK 12.68, while at the end of 2017 it was DKK 14.80 – a decrease of 14.32% (2017: +38.32%).

In 2018, a total of 34.4m shares were traded corresponding to 28.2% of the total number of shares at the end of 2018 (2017: 48.5%). The average revenue per business day in 2018 was DKK 2.1m (2017: DKK 3.19m).

The Company’s market value amounted to DKK 1,544m at the end of 2018 against DKK 1,774m at the end of 2017.

Share capital

At the end of 2018 the share capital in Columbus A/S comprised of 121,787,132 shares at DKK 1.25 corresponding to nominal share capital of DKK 152,233,915 (2017: 119,865,632 shares at DKK 1.25, corresponding to nominal share capital of DKK 149,832,040).

Each share provides one vote. The shares are marketable securities and no restrictions have been set for the shares’ negotiability. The shares must be named and noted in the Company’s share register.


At the end of 2018 Columbus A/S had 6,439 registered shareholders, who together owned 94.73% of the total share capital.

Members of Columbus A/S’ Board of Directors and Executive Board owned in total 49.31% of the share capital at the end of 2018.

The following shareholders have informed Columbus A/S of possession of 5% or above of the share capital:

  Number of shares %
Consolidated Holdings A/S 56,538,055 46.42%
Ib Kunøe 180,000 0.15
Total 56,718,055 46.57'

* Due to shareholder voting agreements, Consolidated Holdings A/S holds 47.39% of the voting rights.



The Company’s dividend policy is to distribute dividend of minimum 10% of the nominal share capital each year, corresponding to DKK 0.125 per share. Besides, the Board of Directors may decide to propose to the General Meeting that this dividend be supplemented with an extraordinary dividend for a specific fiscal year.

However, it is decisive for Columbus to reduce debts and improve financial resources in order to be able to seize any positive development opportunities for continued strengthening of the long-term value creation for the Company. The Board of Directors may therefore decide to deviate from the dividend policy and propose at the General Meeting that dividends are not distributed for a specific fiscal year.

The Board of Director proposes that the Annual General Meeting adopts ordinary dividends to shareholders of 10% of the nominal value in line with the dividend policy.

Investor relations

Columbus endeavors to provide a high and consistent level of information to our shareholders and other interested parties. A company goal is to have an open and active dialogue with share¬holders, share analysts, the press and the public in order to ensure the necessary insight and thereby the best possibility to evaluate the Company. This will be obtained in accordance with rules and legislation for companies listed on NASDAQ Copenhagen and in accordance with Columbus’ Investor Relations policy. Communication with interested parties takes place via the ongoing publication of notifications, investor presentations and individual meetings.
The website is the primary source of information for interested parties. It is updated constantly with new information about Columbus’ results, activities and strategy. At the Company’s website, it is possible to subscribe to Columbus’ e-mail service and thereby receive company announcements, financial statements and investor news via e-mail.

Columbus hosts a conference call after publication of financial statements. The call and presentations can be followed directly via the Company’s website.

Shareholder Portal

As a shareholder you can access a wide range of investor information via the shareholder portal. View your shareholdings, request admission card for the Annual General Meeting, etc.

Link to shareholder portal


Investor Contact

Shareholders, financial analysts, bank representatives, brokerage firms and other investment professionals may address investor specific inquiries directly to:


Hans Henrik Thrane
CFO, Columbus

Phone: +45 70 20 50 00



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