Transactions by members of senior management and Board of Directors in shares issued by Columbus A/S and related securities

November 28, 2019 at 5:12 PM CET

Release no. 21/2019


Name Consolidated Holdings A/S
Senior management employee’s position Chairman of the Board
Relationship with member of senior management employee Consolidated Holdings A/S is controlled by Chairman of the Board, Ib Kunøe
ISIN code DK0010268366
Type of security Shares
Nature of transaction  Purchase
Trading date 28 November 2019
Market in which transaction was executed NASDAQ Copenhagen
Number of securities traded 442,704
Market value (DKK) of securities traded 3,910,581.51


Ib Kunøe
Columbus A/S

Thomas Honoré
CEO & President
Columbus A/S
For further information, please contact:
CEO & President Thomas Honoré, T: +45 70 20 50 00.