April 24, 2018 at 1:22 PM CEST

Passing of Columbus A/S Annual General Meeting and subsequent constitution of the Board of Directors

Release no. 12/2018


At Columbus A/S' Annual General Meeting held on 24 April 2018, all proposals set out in the agenda were adopted, including the following;

  • The Board of Directors' report was adopted.
  • The Annual Report for 2017 was approved.
  • The Board of Director's proposal regarding distribution of profit was adopted, including payment of an ordinary dividend to the shareholders of DKK 0.125 per share of DKK 1.25 (nom), amounting to a total dividend of DKK 15,223,391.5
  • Changing of the authorizations in Art. 5 in the Articles of Association, and amendments of Art. 5.1 in the Articles of Association accordingly were adopted.
  • The General Meeting authorized the Board of Directors for a period of 18 months from the date of the General Meeting to acquire up to 10 per cent of the Company's share capital against payment which shall not deviate more than 10 per cent up or downwards from the latest listed price of the shares at NASDAQ Copenhagen prior to the acquisition.
  • The proposal from the Board about new remuneration policy, incl. guidelines for incentive programs, cf. section 139b of the Danish Companies Act was approved
  • The Board of Director's proposal that company announcements will be prepared in English only and that the decision is entered in the Company's Articles of Association was approved.
  • Ib Kunøe, Peter Skov Hansen and Sven Madsen were re-elected to the Board of Directors.  Karina Kirk was elected as new Board member
  • Deloitte Statsautoriseret Revisionspartnerselskab was reappointed as the Company's auditor, and pursuant to the Articles of Association the Company has just one auditor.

Following the Annual General Meeting the Board of Directors convened and constituted itself with Ib Kunøe as Chairman of the Board.


Ib Kunøe
Columbus A/S
Thomas Honoré
CEO & President
Columbus A/S
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