Policies & Articles of Association

Articles of Association

Download the latest Articles of Association adopted at the Board Meeting held on 28 June 2021.

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Remuneration policy, including guidelines for incentive programs

In accordance with Section 139b of the Danish Companies Act, the Board of Directors of a listed company must, before entering into a specific incentive agreement with a member of the Board of Directors or the Executive Board, specify remuneration and overall guidelines for the company's incentive programs for the Board of Directors and Executive Board.

The overall guidelines must be considered and adopted by the general meeting of the company before being put into practice in specific agreements with the concerned executives.

The guidelines for incentive programs were adopted at the general meeting on 27 April 2021.

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Investor Relations Policy

Columbus endeavors to provide a high and consistent level of information to our shareholders and other interested parties. A company goal is to have an open and active dialogue with shareholders, share analysts, the press and the public in order to ensure the necessary insight and thereby the best possibility to evaluate the Company. This will be obtained in accordance with rules and legislation for companies listed on NASDAQ Copenhagen A/S.

The Investor Relations and Information Policy was adopted by the Board of Directors on 17 May 2021.

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Dividend Policy

It is Columbus' objective to ensure attractive, long-term returns via a combination of dividend distribution and a positive price development of the share. Thus, on 25 April 2014 the Board of Directors adopted a dividend policy.

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