Columbus 2020 Strategy

Columbus' Columbus2020 strategy - towards growth

We help you take the right steps in executing on your digital vision, and we help your business remain relevant and competitive as you address the challenges of globalization, competition and disruption.

Columbus2020 consists of four interconnected elements which enable us to take care of your business in a lifetime engagement. Our goal is to have the most satisfied customers in the industry and we invest in new innovative business solutions and services that fit your needs in a fast-changing digital economy. We constantly strive to deliver high quality across our business and we continuously work on having highly motivated and engaged employees.


2020 Strategy


Customer Success - Taking care of our customers for life

Columbus aims to be widely recognized as a business partner that enhances our customers’ success by improving the value realization of their business applications investments.
Therefore, we will intensify our focus on creating a unique customer experience, including an extensive focus on better quality and project delivery throughout our business.

Taking care of our customers is a fundamental goal for Columbus. An important foundation for reaching that goal is our lifetime support offering, Columbus Care, which ensures our customers high quality support around the clock. We will extend the Columbus Care offering with new services towards a total service concept that takes care of our customers in more areas – for life.



Digital Leadership - Accelerate business innovation

Columbus helps our customers accelerate business innovation by maximizing the value realization of business applications and by leading them in the digital business transformation. Digital Leadership comprises two different, yet closely connected types of innovation:

Columbus will continue to strengthen our leadership position within ERP and business applications. This means that we will invest in new business applications, new methodologies and new business processes to make the experience of buying and implementing business applications from Columbus faster, better, less risky and with high returns.

Columbus will extend our business and build a new leadership position in digital business transformation. Our customers are seeking a business partner that is able to lead them in the digital transformation of their business. Columbus wants to be that partner. We will build a leadership position using cloud, social, analytics and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies and business models, to enable our customers to take advantage of the digital opportunities.


Process Excellence - Quality in everything we do

In Columbus, we constantly strive to optimize and streamline the business operations in order to achieve global sales excellence and deliver high quality services to our customer. Our goal is to create the best customer experience for our customers, when engaging with Columbus.

The focal point is quality in everything we do – from the initial contact with customers, over sales and design of

the business solution to the implementation process and lifetime support engagement. We want to be best in class in ensuring the value realization of the project and manage the inherent risks in the implementation. In order to reach that goal, we will optimize our sales, services and support delivery capabilities – always striving to improve the quality.


Our People - Attract, develop and retain the best people

Columbus is a people business. Our greatest asset is our people and therefore it is crucial for our success that we attract and retain the best people in the industry. We want Columbus to be a company attracting highly skilled people to join, because it is the best place for competence development. We will achieve this goal by providing challenging career opportunities, attractive working conditions and professional and personal growth.

Furthermore, we want to create a customer success culture, where meeting the customers’ expectation for high quality sets the direction in everything we do. This means that we always strive to deliver projects on time, within budget and at the highest quality.