Amendment of Articles of Association

July 27, 2021 at 11:43 AM CEST
Release no. 30/2021          27 July 2021
Amendment of Articles of Association

Company announcement

With reference to release no. 26/2021 of 15 June and 28/2021 of 28 June 2021, changes in Columbus A/S’ Articles of Association as a consequence of the merger of Columbus A/S and Columbus M3 Danmark ApS and as a consequence of the board resolution regarding issue of warrants in pursuance of the authorization in Section 5.1 in the Articles of Association, have today been registered in the Danish Business Authority.

New Articles of Association are attached.

Ib Kunøe                        Søren Krogh Knudsen
Chairman of the Board                CEO & President

For further information, please contact:

Corporate CFO, Hans Henrik Thrane,, +45 70 20 50 00