Financial value drivers and expectations

Columbus' Strategy is built around three value drivers:

Financial value drivers and expectations

Specific targets for 2019

• Revenue in the level of DKK 2bn
• EBITDA in the level of DKK 240m
• Columbus Software in the level of DKK 110m
• 10% dividend on nominal share capital

Expected integration cost of DKK 5-10m in relation to integration of iStone and HiGH Software are included in the expectations to EBITDA in 2019.

Long-term targets for 2021

Columbus has updated the long-term guidance for the next three years.

Reach average revenue growth of 3-5% per year
Columbus will continue to grow organically through the execution of the 9 Doors to Digital Leadership®. Our ambition is to grow the business at a compounded average growth rate of 3-5% each year.

Reach EBITDA margin of 13%
In 2018 Columbus realized an EBITDA of DKK 171.4, a margin of 9.1%. Adjusted for the IFRS 16 impact, the EBITDA margin was realized at 10.8% in 2018.
Columbus strives to reach an EBITDA margin of 13% in 2021.

Increase Columbus Software revenue
We intend to continue the progress with Columbus Software. We will increase the revenue from Columbus Software through accelerating our own product development and by acquiring software that supports our strategy.
By extending our offerings, we will be able to expand into new markets and cross and upsell to existing markets.

Increase recurring revenue
In 2018 recurring revenue was 23% of total revenue. Columbus maintains the long-term ambition to reach 25% recurring revenue of total revenue.

Dividend 10% payout
Columbus dividend policy is to pay out 10% dividend of nominal value each year.

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Investor Contact

Shareholders, financial analysts, bank representatives, brokerage firms and other investment professionals may address investor specific inquiries directly to:


Hans Henrik Thrane
CFO, Columbus

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