Financial value drivers

In connection with Columbus' five-year strategy, the company has determined three value drivers, which reflect the new strategic direction. The value drivers measure the development in relation to significant success criteria for future growth and value creation.


Financial value drivers:


Improve profitability in the services business

Columbus' services business is the largest revenue contributor in Columbus. Columbus aims to deliver higher productivity and quality in the services business to optimize delivery, minimize risk and control cost. The value driver "Service EBITDA" reflects the achievement of this target.


Scaling of own software sales

Columbus Software generates high earnings while creating high value for customers. We aim to grow our software sales within Columbus Software licenses, subscriptions and cloud solutions.


Growth in recurring and cloud revenue

Columbus expects to grow the recurring and cloud revenue as this creates more stability in the business. The recurring and predictable revenue consists of Columbus Software subscriptions, third party software subscriptions, cloud revenue and ColumbusCare contracts.

These revenue categories support a positive development in the customer relations, where Columbus becomes the strategic business partner.


Long-term targets for 2018


Columbus2020 sets an ambitious direction for the company.

Long-term targets for the three year period 2016-2018:




Shareholder Portal

As a shareholder you can access a wide range of investor information via the shareholder portal. View your shareholdings, request admission card for the Annual General Meeting, etc.

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Investor Contact

Shareholders, financial analysts, bank representatives, brokerage firms and other investment professionals may address investor specific inquiries directly to:


Hans Henrik Thrane
CFO, Columbus

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